Hi, my name is Cassandra and thank you for viewing my page.

Who doesn’t love to travel?  I love to travel, even being a new mom.  Thing is, I was also an advocate for breastfeeding my son.

I wanted to talk about my recent experience of travelling to Japan without my son with me for a business conference with Xuan Nguyen and his family, World Financial Group.

  I searched for information online …

There wasn’t really much online specific to what I needed to do travelling out in a foreign country with frozen breastmilk.  Do I ship the frozen breast milk back through FedEx or do I carry them back with me?

Let’s not even get into my flight experience, where I did not purchase a manual pump!  It was a bad decision on my part when I decided not to bring a manual pump with me to the plane.   I was so engorged and so much in pain.  As soon as I landed to my first stop, Incheon, Korea, I was desperate to find an outlet so I can use my breast pump!

Of course, the outlet in Korea is NOT the same as the outlet for United States — I should mention the fact that I did NOT purchase the correct transformer to convert the US plug to Korean plug.  Aaah!  I walked around the airport, mind you it was 4am in the morning, so the place was actually empty.  I tried to ask for help, but the person did not understand any English at all.  I was in tears.  I kept walking, searching for something that would be able to help me, testing out every single outlet to find which one will work.  I swear, God heard my prayer and knew how uncomfortable I was.  He led me to an outlet where someone’s converter was left behind.  I’m telling you, it was a miracle.  The Holy Spirit told me to keep walking, even though my body was so tired and I was having so much chest discomfort.

I quickly ran to the woman’s bathroom to use one of the outlets.  And it worked!  God provides.  He does not fail.

During my trip to Japan, I was pumping every 6 hours and collected a total of 24 frozen breast milk.  I had to ask each hotel I stayed at to put my cooler in their hotel freezer to keep my breast milk frozen for the week I was there.  I stayed at both Kyoto and Tokyo.

Now, I asked the hotel concierge desk if I should ship my breastmilk over through FedEx.  After two days of research, she tells me that they do NOT recommend shipping the frozen breast milk due to strict policies of Japan.  I completely understand why it would be a trouble this way, and I was not going to risk my son’s food.  Since I was able to collect breastmilk before my trip back home, I decided I will collect the breastmilk and carry them back with me.

Wrong again.  After I got through the security check point, the guard asked me to open my cooler to inspect the contents of my cooler.  I told him that I collected my frozen breastmilk for my son back home in United States.  With his very little ability to speak English, he said, “it doesn’t work that way.  Your son is not traveling with you.  You will need to check-in the cooler”.  I was in tears.

I had to act fast because I did not want to miss my flight.  I put my cooler inside a reusable bag my sister gifted to me from shutterfly and tied it very tight so the contents of frozen breast milk won’t pour out during the flight.  I purchased a carry-on bag in the gift shop outside the terminal, put the reusable bag inside that contained all my hard work of collecting my son’s food and went to the Asiana counter to check in an additional bag.  The representative of Asiana was kind enough to give me the check-in for free.

I completely forgot I put my phone inside the reusable bag while I was going through the security check point the first time through.  Story of my life —

Worried sick of what would happen to the cooler, I rushed to the baggage claim to check on my son’s food.  They were fine ^_^


Hope this helps to all mothers out there who love travelling as much as I do.