Five Proven Ways To Market Your Business

The “Ultimate” Marketing Strategy that Makes Chris & Susan Beesley Money on Vacation

Chris and Susan Beesley decided at the last minute to escape the freezing weather in the U.K. and go find some sunshine in Spain. And of course they brought their business with them.

Let me let them tell you in their words:

Today we want to share with you our marketing strategy that helps us make money… even on vacation. In fact, this week in Spain, we had an unexpected Silver sale—making us $1250, courtesy of our marketing system and MOBE’s awesome phone sales team.

Here are five proven ways to market your business:

1. You have to be consistent

The most important thing is to do something on your business every day. Even just 30-minutes or an hour. Doing something constructive with marketing.

You might feel like you just don’t have the time. But there are so many tools out there that help you automate your marketing for every day of the week. Just set it up and let the system do the work for you.

In order to be successful in this industry, you have to take action on your business every day. It’s the only way to get leads. Put out ads in the best way that fits your budget, skill set, and time.

2. Do Your Marketing to the people who are just like you

Marketing to people just like yourself is so much easier than trying to reach “everybody.” After all, you know yourself better than anyone, so when you’re reaching out to people just like you, it’s much easier to relate with them on a personal level.

We mainly use Facebook as a marketing tool, because of the amazing targeting. With Facebook’s search tool, we can look for people like us—baby boomers who may have their own business.

Then we run ads promoting our business specifically to those people we targeted. The goal is to get them to click the ad and go to your website.

When you first start out, you’ll need a small website—even just a one page website is fine to start. This webpage is where people will land when they click your Facebook ad.

This one page website is called a “landing page,” and the main purpose is to capture their email address by offering something for free—Free special report, free video, free checklist, etc…

3. Follow up with your leads:

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: “The fortune is in the follow-up.” That statement could not be more applicable than with Internet Marketing.

If you’re targeting your ads the right way on Facebook, and you’ve got a webpage set up with an email collector, then you should be getting a small number of leads pretty quickly.

Go to your autoresponder and get your new leads email addresses, put each on Facebook, and see if you can find those people (your leads from emails.) Send them a message, connect with them, and start a relationship.

Remember, every lead you get in your email auto responder is an actual person.

It will take a few minutes to copy and paste each person’s name, but as soon as they add you on Facebook, the lead gets even warmer, because they’ll see every message you post.

There’s no threatening behavior when you say “thank you for trusting us, your interest in MOBE, etc.  Takes your lead generation to a whole different level.

Make a good income from a small number of people is how we like to approach things. It’s easier to get back end sales from people.

4. Give things without expecting anything in return.

Focus on attraction rather than promotion.  In marketing, we have something called “push/pull.”

Push is where you send them the direct messages like in your Facebook ads. Pull is when you offer so much valuable content, it actually attracts more and more people to your page.

You should constantly offer valuable content, don’t make it a “sales pitch” People want useful content, such as “Look at this thing we learned, here’s a little trick we learned.”

People are often shocked because we don’t try sell them after the free gift. Most people do not like to be sold, if they feel sales pressure coming, they immediately put up their guard.

You can easily ask for a sale in every email you write to subscribers, because if you’re adding value, sharing stories, giving them a better picture of us than they won’t mind.

Make the email curiosity driven, and put a link at the end.

When we first started, all we did we sell, sell, sell. But then we got training that told us to find our own personal favorite email list, and watch how they tell stories and share useful content.

You probably get emails from all over the place every day. Think about the ones you actually take the time to read. What makes them appeal to you?

And always remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re building long-term relationships.

5. Attend the MOBE Leadership Retreats

In 2012, we went to Costa Rica for a retreat. It really opened up our minds to why retreats and Masterminds are so important for your business. Going to the MOBE retreats all around the world is really special, because the climate is amazing, the beaches are beautiful. And it really opens your eyes to the possibilities this business can bring to your life.

We recently partnered with Matt Lloyd to create a new wealth-building program called The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough.

If you’re a baby boomer facing retirement, and you’re not quite sure what to do to remain comfortable through your golden years, we can show you how to build a strong retirement nest egg and earn those big commission checks in 21 simple steps.

By following these 21 steps, we have established a 6-figure business, and we’ve been able to travel all around the world. Now we can’t promise you the same exact results, because a lot depends on you. But we can tell you this: it’s absolutely possible.

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