7 Figure Freedom Formula

How to get over $150,000 in the first 4 months

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I thought you would find this video extremely useful (and inspiring):


The strategies Bill and Michelle talk about have allowed them to make a little over $1m in commissions in just under 3 years, leveraging a high ticket affiliate marketing system.

From day one, they decided they were going to build a true lifestyle business, meaning they did not want a business that took up all their time and consumed them.

Instead, they decided what their dream lifestyle would be, then found a business which would work around that.

Most people don’t do this, so they get caught up in the ‘busy doing work’ of running a business and forget what they’re doing it for.

When you watch their video you’ll see what their everyday reality is like.

The system they are using pays up to 10k per sale, and has a team of closers who handle those sales for you.

All they do (and all you have to do) is lead generation.  They will train you on that too.

Go here to check it out:  www.oefhb.org/7figurefreedomformula


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